Tipp-Ex (!)

What else can I label!?


+ Low cost

+ Easy to see

+ Can basically be put on anything!

+ Be like Casey Neistat

+ Helps you be super organised


– You might not know when to stop

What is it?

‘Am I really reading a review of a Tipp-Ex pen?’ you say. The humble shake and squeeze Tipp-Ex pen is essentially a white ink correction pen. We used to use these years ago at school when writing with biros. Mistakes could be painted over and then you could write over the top again. Today you can buy Tipp-Ex in a handy pen like form which allows you to use it as a white paint pen. Perfect for labelling of… well virtually anything!

The value add?

It’s subtle but significant. Bringing order to chaos can make your life so much simpler. These past six months we’ve spent a bit of time at LU organising things at home, putting things in individual boxes and categorising to ensure everything is easy to find. Of course there are many different ways that you could label your boxes, draws, products etc. But, after watching far too many Casey Neistat videos on YouTube during lockdown, we stumbled upon the Tipp-Ex pen. ? Boom! The benefit here is in the easy to see labels. Most boxes are not white. Therefore the white of the pen can really stand out. Plus because it’s paint like it can be put on almost anything! We’ve gone a bit Tipp-Ex mad but we’re loving it.