Money Master the Game – Tony Robbins

Money rules. Make good decisions. If you’re going to invest then learn from the best.


+ An absolute wealth of knowledge

+ Outlines strategies for investing and sound reasoning

+ Changed our investment strategy for the good!


– It’s a big ol’ doorstop (688 pages)

– Might go too deep for some

– Repetitive in its message at times (maybe this is for compounding reasons!)

What is it?

If you weren’t already aware – money rules. If you’ve got money in life then things can become a lot easier. But there’s having money in your pocket now and having long term money via savings, via investing. And, if you’re putting money away each month for the long term you’ll need good advice and strategies to help. This book, by Tony Robbins, comes from interviewing 50 of the best financial experts in the world. Not just hedge fund managers trying to make a sale, but from Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio and Steve Forbes. The book talks about the advice that they would give to anyone, like us, wanting to invest money regularly. It explains what to look out for with fees, compounds on compounding interest and looks at portfolio strategies that are designed to stand the test of time and market volatility.

The value add?

There’s saving regularly (very low interest return nowadays) and then there’s investing. The world of stocks and shares can be scary as ‘your investment can go down as well as up’. It takes nerve and intelligence to smile through a stock market crash, having a long term view, knowing that all will be well. This book gives you facts and strategies that, although can’t possibly be guaranteed, show that they have stood the test of time through the last 100 years of financial boom and bust.

This book really helped us think differently about where we put our investments. It made us think carefully about the long term but carefree in the short. We now have a diverse array of investments, which over the past five years have shown double digit growth. Before this book I wouldn’t have even thought about these type of returns. Those no magic in here, just advice on diverse investing and sticking to the long game.

The real value add is a level of intelligence on investing that will stand the test of time. Other than adding some bitcoin into the portfolio – the rest is rock solid.

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