Logitech MX Master 3 Review – the velvet glove

More than a mouse. An extension of your inner self with buttons. Lots of buttons.


+ Heavy and solid – can feel the quality

+ It was made for your hand

+ Buttons and scrolls super responsive and intuitive

+ I can glide!


– It’s pricey for sure

– Probably two buttons too many (I can’t fly a helicopter)

What is it?

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the Rolls Royce of Micycles. It’s a high end wireless mouse ergonomically designed for satisfying and natural use. It comes with a range of programmable buttons and supports 3 different bluetooth connections. Like looking at desk setups on Instagram? Then you’ll virtually always see the MX Master 3. This mouse has thousands of reviews and videos on it. There must be a reason.

The value add?

OK – we get it. Spending £100 on a mouse sounds a bit extravagant. Don’t they all just do the same thing? And then there’s the MX Master 3. From the moment you take the mouse out of the box you can feel its weight. It’s solid with a satisfying bulk to it. Then you put it on the table and put your hand on it. That’s when you realise that this was made for you. Yes you. It was made to fit the shape of your hand in such a natural way that it welcomes you in. The infinite scroll on the top and the page scroll for your thumb are intuitive. The buttons have satisfying clicks and the glide on the desk is smooth. This is a wireless mouse that has been used for months now. It rarely needs charging and just keeps turning up every day.

We’re all working from home now. It’s vital that when you sit down to work that your productivity juices are stimulated. That you’re given the tactile and sensory feedback around you that makes the difference. Productivity never felt so good. If you work any longer than a day a week at home then pay the money, stop the debate, the choices are made. There are no alternatives.