Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

My back has never been better! Hands-free freedom to sit, stand and stand some more.


+ Solid design

+ Looks amazing

+ 4 programmable sessions make easy work of changing between positions

+ Everyone now wants one!


– a bit of wobble at the top end

– extremely heavy (but to be expected)

What is it?

The Fully Jarvis standing desk is part of the Fully line of desks and products aimed at giving us better desk health during our day to days. The Jarvis model comes in a range of options but is essentially their best selling product. It’s a sit-stand desk allowing you to move from a low sitting position all the way up to a high top position (that goes way higher than I would need it for).

The model we ordered came with a curved bamboo top and automatic controller. This allows you to set four preset positions. This is excellent for quickly walking up to the desk and adjusting it based on what you’d like to achieve. We bought the 180cm version which is huge!!

The value add?

It’s lockdown and the age of working 100% in the office has gone forever. Long live the home office. 2020 will be known for the makeshift desk, the kitchen table, the bedside cabinet or bean bag in the corner. But, it’s not sustainable like this and, somewhere down the line, investment will be needed to make life more permanent here. For us this came back in April when we invested in this beauty. It’s quickly become my favourite bit of furniture. At Life Unlocked we want our workplace to be as inviting and rewarding as possible. The desk ticks these boxes. I suffer with lower back issues and the ability to quickly shift from sitting to standing at will is excellent. It really encourages a healthier working style. As humans we need to keep moving. 8 hours of meetings all in the same seating position is not good for you. Keep moving. If this means changing position on a regular basis then do it. With the Fully Jarvis desk you get to do this with ease. Why buy manual or fixed standing desks when for a small amount more you have total freedom to move.

Here’s our review video from six months of use!: